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How We Make Our Products

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Our fragrance products are hand made using the standard ingredients found in typical bath and body products.  For some products, we use the exact same ingredients.  For other products, such as our moisturizers, we used premium natural ingredients which are more expensive.  You would find comparable products in a health food store and not the neighborhood drugstore.  Some products, such as designer scented soap, bubble bath or dusting powder are not available even in department stores.

Perfume, Nature and Trademarks

Perfume scents are derived from oil extracts of various elements in nature.  The greater the percentage of oil, the stronger the fragrance will be.  The skin of the human body attracts and holds oil; thus, a fragrance made with a high degree of oil will last longer, typically all day without reapplying it.

What are you Wearing is able to make accurate reproductions of designer fragrances because the fragrance itself is not patented.  Designer product names are typically trademarked, which is why we label our products “our version of…”

Industry Standard

Our perfumes and colognes are also made with industry standard ingredients.  The industry standard for perfume is 30% oil and 70% filler, which is typically water and alcohol.  Designer colognes available in the typical department store or perfume outlet shop contain only 5% oil.  Our perfume roll-ons contain 75% natural filler (grapeseed oil or rice bran oil).  Our colognes contain 40% oil, which is why our fragrances last longer than the original designer fragrances.

Customer Response

Some customers have stated that in their opinion, our fragrances smell similar to the original.  The difference is the level and type of alcohol in the traditional designer fragrances. What are you Wearing uses significantly less alcohol and even then we use a premium blend.  All customers have stated that the fragrances last all day and they receive a lot of compliments.

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